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朝食 喜心
Breakfast | Kyoto
ステーキ鉄板焼 みくら
Teppanyaki | Kyoto
Gion Hanamai
Japanese | Kyoto
French | Kyoto
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Kishin Kitchen Kyoto1. Kishin Kitchen Kyoto
28 reviews
Breakfast | Kyoto, Kyoto

Such a great way to experience a traditional Japanese breakfast, even if you aren't staying in a ryokan. Love the staff at the restaurant, the preparation of the food, the attention to detail. It is all pristine! More

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The Grill - Hyatt Regency Kyoto2. The Grill - Hyatt Regency Kyoto
116 reviews
Grill | Kyoto, Kyoto

結婚披露宴を行ったハイアットリージェンシー京都で10周年記念で利用させて頂きました。食事も雰囲気もサービスも良かったと思います。強いて言えば、ドリンク(ワイン)がイマイチかなあ。ただ料金が料金なだけに仕方ない範囲。 また特に何も伝えていなかったにもかかわらず、お祝いブーケとケーキをサービスして頂きました。子供が5歳以下は無料というのも嬉しいところですし、シェフの方が子供用に特製ステーキソースも作って頂きました。 嫁は桜のジェラートがむっちゃ美味しいと言ってましたが、私はお腹いっぱいで食べられず。京都駅からタクシーで600-700円なのでアクセスも問題ないと思います。 More

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Brasserie - Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto3. Brasserie - Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto
100 reviews
French | Kyoto, Kyoto

6500円のランチコースを頂きました。 初めて、来させて頂きましたが、 すばらしいお庭を眺められ、 ブラッスリーの店内も 開放感があり、本当に、 非日常の空間、という感じでした。 食後には、テラス席を通り、 積翠園のお庭をずっと 散歩させていただきました。 その奥に、和風のカフェのような建物もあり、 今回は時間がなかったですが、 次回はそちらでもお茶してみたいです。 1つ、言わせて頂くとすれば、 ランチのコースの最後に、紅茶を選んだのですが、 ミルクが冷たく、こういう値段のコースの 紅茶ならば、 少し温めたミルクがでてくるものなので、 残念でした。 細かいかもしれませんが、コーヒーを飲めない 私たちは、コースの最後の紅茶の 全体のクオリティが低いと、 がっかりします。たかが添えてあるミルクかもしれませんが、 ふつうのお店でも、ミルクをエスプーマして 持ってきてくれた店もありました。 紅茶のミルクがどういう状態ででてくるかをいつも、 チェックしてしまいます。 このホテルならば、 こういう細部まで、きちんとおもてなししてほしいな、 と思いました。 More

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Trattoria Sette - Hyatt Regency Kyoto4. Trattoria Sette - Hyatt Regency Kyoto
151 reviews
Italian | Kyoto, Kyoto

家族や友人とのランチ、ディナーで何度か利用しています。ピザは安定して美味しいですが、今回は鴨のお肉料理がとても良かった! サービスもお料理も平均以上で、安心して人にも紹介できます。 More

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Toraji Kyoto5. Toraji Kyoto
57 reviews
Japanese (Yakiniku) | Kyoto, Kyoto

美味しい! 駅近で便利で 雰囲気も良いですね! ひとつ難点は。。。アイスをサービスしてくれることを知らずに デザートで食べたあとに提供された事がありました。 More

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Jukusei Yakiniku Pound Kyoto EkimaeJukusei Yakiniku Pound Kyoto Ekimae
Japanese (Yakiniku) | Kyoto, Kyoto

"Jukusei Yakiniku Pound Kyoto Ekimae" is the Yakiniku restaurant specializing dry-aged Japanese beef, located 10 min away from Kyoto station by walking.
You will be able to enjoy your dinner for your various occasions in a relaxed and a high-quality restaurant interior that has partitioned seats, complete private room, and hall with Horigotatsu.
We serve not just the grilled dishes such as charcoaled grilled steak only using "Super dry-aged beef), we also serve a la carte menu that you can enjoy dry-aged beef in many different ways. Please enjoy "Super dry-aged beef" produced by the dry-aging method that maintains the meat by thoroughly caring about temperature, humidity and dry-aged for over 45 days. More

Premium Pound GionPremium Pound Gion
Japanese (Teppanyaki) | Kyoto, Kyoto

Premium Pound Gion is located in the hidden place inside of Gion area. The restaurant has a Kyoto-style calm external appearance and interior, that can be enjoyed by adults. All of our seats are counter seats, and food are served over the counter as Teppanyaki style, and it allows you to see a wide variety of cooking techniques performed by our chef from any seats.
We purchase a head of Kobe beef, and serve after dry-age them. It consume a lot of time and effort to dry-age Kobe beef, but we have a confidence to impress and satisfy gourmets who are particular about food by providing rare parts of the beef, and "Kobe beef/Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese black beef) x dry-aging" style carefully selected by the Pound, speciality store of aging beef, as well as our wine selections that go perfect with steak. Please enjoy the style of "Kobe beef/Kuroge Wagyu x dry-aging" and feel what is like the meaning and the taste of "dry-aged Kobe beef". More

Premium Pound Sanjo KiyamachiPremium Pound Sanjo Kiyamachi
Steak | Kyoto, Kyoto

Located in Kiyamachi-dori where many restaurants gather, there is Premium Pound Sanjo Kiyamachi along Takase river.
Like a hidden restaurant, it has a relaxed atmosphere for adult, and it is also the best place for your special occasions such as marriage propose, birthday, anniversary and a dinner with your important guest.
All of our seats are counter seats and food are served over the counter, and it allows you to see a wide variety of cooking techniques performed by our chef from any seats.
Food are cooked by the experienced chef throughout the day in order for you to fully enjoy the best taste of Kobe beef and our professional hospitality. Please enjoy the style of "Kobe beef / Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese black beef) x dry-aging" and feel what it is like the taste of "dry-aged Kobe beef".More

Steak House Pound HontenSteak House Pound Honten
Steakhouse | Kyoto, Kyoto

Steak House Pound Kyoto Honten is just like a hidden place - the restaurant is an old house that was built over 100 years ago and renovated to a quaint and relaxed restaurant space that matches with Kyoto, the city of history and tradition.
It is not only steak, but also we serve meat in a various way in a comforting environment with garden. And especially we have a strong feeling towards dry-aging meat. You can select dry-aged meat you want by the pounds from the meat cellar that we specially ordered for keeping dry-aged meat, and you can experience exquisite dishes that you cannot taste in any other place. In the second floor of the restaurant, there is a party floor that can be privately used and contain maximum of 24 people. Please enjoy a dinner party in the tasteful restaurant without caring about other people even if you have a large party of the people.
Please fully enjoy our specialily of the highest-quality dry-aged beef "Grandmother Beef". More

Steak House Pound Shijo KawaramachiSteak House Pound Shijo Kawaramachi
Steakhouse | Kyoto, Kyoto

"Restaurant Pound Shijo Kawaramacih" is the dry-aged beef steak restaurant located 1 min-walk from Kawaramachi station, one of the busy street in Kyoto. The restaurant interior is designed as a log-house, and it is simple but elegant. There is a space that you can fully enjoy our special meat dishes in a casual and a bright atmosphere.
" Dry-aged Japanese beef served by「Steak House Pound Shijo Kawaramachi」is maintained thoroughly by caring about temperature, humidity, and wind. And in addition to the American method of dry-aging that brings out the real taste of meat, we combined our unique method to decrease the melting point of beef tallow. With these methods, we made Japanese black beef from Hiramatsu ranch in Kagoshima-prefecture, that is said as the beef matches the best with dry-aging process, into a very special dry-aging beef.
Please fully enjoy our specialily of the highest-quality dry-aged beef "Grandmother Beef". More

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