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Asakusa / Asakusabashi Restaurants

Toraji Asakusa EKIMISEToraji Asakusa EKIMISE
38 reviews
Japanese (Yakiniku) | Asakusa / Asakusabashi, Tokyo 23 Ward

新たな商業施設として生まれ変わる東武スカイツリーライン直結の浅草駅ビル「エキミセ」に「焼肉トラジ」がオープン!店舗デザインは、インテリアデザイナーの橋本夕紀夫紙。昭和初期に建てられた当初の骨組みを利用し、ネオ・ルネサンス様式の外観を再現したという当ビルの「歴史」と「未来」を、温かみのある質感の「無垢の木」とメタリックな「鉄」を使った斬新な素材の組み合わせで表現しています。下町情緒溢れる「浅草」の新たに生まれ変わる玄関口「浅草駅」でトラジ自慢の上質なお肉をご堪能下さい。 More

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Izakaya | Asakusa / Asakusabashi, Tokyo 23 Ward

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Komagata DozeuKomagata Dozeu
11 reviews
Japanese | Asakusa / Asakusabashi, Tokyo 23 Ward

Komagata Dozeu was established in 1801. It was a time when Tokugawa Ienari, the eleventh and longest serving shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate, reigned over Japan. The founder, Sukeshichi Echigoya, was born in what is now known as Kita-katsushika in Saitama Prefecture, and at the age of 18 he moved to the capital Edo to take on an apprenticeship before opening his own restaurant in Asakusa’s Komagata area.In addition to the founder’s dishes of Dojo Nabe [Japanese Loach Hot Pot] and Dojo Jiru [Loach Soup], the 2nd-generation Sukeshichi introduced Kujira Nabe [Whale Hot Pot], and business continued to boom thereafter.With the support of our loyal customers and the hard work of former masters, we have been able to pass on the Edo flavors and building to our current 6th-generation master. We hope to continue to provide our customers with the same delicious flavors that we have been serving since the Edo days with the same outstanding Edo hospitality. More