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Jiyugaoka / Okusaka Restaurants

Petit MarchePetit Marche
52 reviews
French | Jiyugaoka / Okusaka, Tokyo 23 Ward

Indulge in savory Parisian fare at in the heart of Tokyo at Petit Marche. Helmed by Chef Kunihiko Ishijima, this long-running restaurant serves up a seasonal appealing menu that features French classics and over a dozen types of cheese. Visit for lunch and enjoy some smoked scallops and ham, or some simmered beef cheek. Petit Marche also boasts an extensive wine collection, featuring over a hundred bottles.

Situated within a 3-minute walk from the Jiyugaoka station, Petit Marche is a nice choice for a romantic date. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily.


17 reviews
French | Jiyugaoka / Okusaka, Tokyo 23 Ward


Bistro l'EscalierBistro l'Escalier
15 reviews
French | Jiyugaoka / Okusaka, Tokyo 23 Ward

気取らないけれど、本物の味を。 地元で愛される“街の食堂”を目指して。
たっぷりのサラダと供される前菜、口のなかでとろける煮込み、お肉の滋味を噛みしめるジビエ料理…。 身近に気軽にフランス料理を楽しんでいただきたい、というシェフの思いが一皿に込められています。 自由が丘から歩くこと5分、木造建ての2階にある小さなビストロです。 階段を一歩一歩上るように歩んでいきたいとの願いも込めて、ビストロレスカリエ(階段)と名付けました。 自然派ワインとともに楽しいひとときをお過ごしください。 More

Sans MaquillageSans Maquillage
7 reviews
French | Jiyugaoka / Okusaka, Tokyo 23 Ward

Coming Soon!More

Babbo AngeloBabbo Angelo
11 reviews
Italian | Jiyugaoka / Okusaka, Tokyo 23 Ward

Growing up in Florence, Angelo, the owner of Babbo Angelo, is no stranger to farming vegetables and animals like chickens, rabbits and sheep. His mother often cooked home-style Italian meals by utilizing the fresh ingredients and meats at hand, emphasizing the importance of family enjoying food together at the dining table. He has used these childhood experiences to create Babbo Angelo, an Italian restaurant that serves many of the recipes his mother has used over the years. The menu at Babbo Angelo features set menu options that include a salad, pizza or pasta, dessert and coffee or tea. Appetizer options include marinated seasonal vegetables that are colorful and packed with flavor.More

37 reviews
Italian | Jiyugaoka / Okusaka, Tokyo 23 Ward

Cibo is an Italian word for “food.” The menu makes maximum use of the true, honest flavor of excellent ingredients, including fresh seafood delivered every morning from the Odawara market; ingredients in season; and organic vegetables from contract farmers, carefully selected for quality based on repeated farm visits. The dishes are simple, made from delicious seasonal ingredients regardless of brand. Some 100 wines are available at reasonable prices. The staff put great effort into matching meals with the right wines and wines with the right dishes.More